Homemade Toys

How often have you seen this happen around the holidays? The parents have spent a small fortune on the latest, greatest toy. After a few grins and giggles, the parents take the toy out of its huge box and proceed to put it together. In the meantime, the baby finds the box to be quite fascinating. By the time the toy is fully put together, the baby is so engrossed in the box that he or she has no desire to play with the expensive toy.

This scenario is replayed in house after house, across the country since babies’ mentalities work all the same and most probably you find the baby’s favorite toys are almost all the same. The lesson is, children are easily entertained and homemade toys can be created from every-day materials that can easily keep the child’s attention. As a parent there are some few tricks you can learn and make your own homemade toys. This will also spare you from the drama of purchasing expensive toys that are rarely used; debt collectors can complicate finances –  go to this website or seek out advice from credit experts to find ways to work out your finances.

Here are some ideas for easy to create homemade toys:

One idea for a homemade toy is a cardboard box car. Take a large cardboard box and cut a hole in the top and cut out the bottom. Decorate it like a car – using paper plates for the wheels and steering wheel. Your child will enjoy “driving” this car around the house!

Create a handmade bubble blower out of a toilet paper roll. Wrap the roll with aluminum foil. Make the bubbles by mixing liquid dish soap with water. Dip one end of the roll in the mixture and blow gently through the other end. You should be able to easily create very large bubbles!

Create a scoop ball game out of a one-quart plastic milk jug. Cut the jug in half and save the handle side. Toss a ball back and forth and use the jug to catch the ball!

Model planes can be made out of the Styrofoam trays that meat is packaged on. Cut out a body, wings and tail shape. Use a knife to cut a slit in the body for the wings and tail. Because the Styrofoam is so light, these planes can soar for a decent distance.

A personalized homemade toy is the homemade puzzle. Have your child create a drawing or other piece of art. Glue the artwork to a piece of cardboard. After it dries, turn the cardboard over and trace out puzzle piece shapes. Carefully cut out these shapes. Your child will have fun putting together his own artwork. Store the puzzle in a Ziploc bag.

These ideas can help you not only entertain your child, but also save you the trouble of buying expensive toys; if you end up with debt collectors on your credit report, like Diversified Financial Consultants (because of overspending on expensive toys), you can go to online financial forums to learn how to manage or minimize your debt, dramatically!

Another fun idea for a homemade toy, is beanbag toss game. Take a sturdy piece of cardboard and cut holes in it to make the targets. Be sure the holes that are large enough so that the beanbag will fit. Then make some beanbags. Take scraps of material and fill them with beans or pasta. Hand sew them shut. Have your child decorate the target and assign points to the holes. Then have fun tossing the beanbags at the target!

Making homemade play dough: materials are found in your own kitchen so there’s no need to go out and purchase! The ingredients for homemade play dough are simple: 1 cup table salt, 1 cup of flour, 4 tablespoons olive oil, 4 teaspoons cream of tartar, food coloring and flavor oil (vanilla, peppermint, almond, etc.) for scent. Mix all the ingredients together to form a huge paste like “dough”.

Grab a handful, indent a side with your finger and add food coloring, after which, start molding it in your palm to show the achieved color. Add more drops of food coloring, until you were able to reach your desired color. Do this with the rest while putting in new colors so you could have play dough of different shades (to be a bit more more creative). Try printing cute labels for your play dough jars. Homemade toys are definitely a craze and many would be interested to try and put their own spin of some of these ideas!

So, whatsever gadget you decide to make, make it a point to include your kid(s) in the process, as it makes family time fun! Not only will you build an enjoyable toy, but you will also develop life-long memories with your baby. You will also be sparing yourself from buying overly expensive toys, that will (inevitably) be under-used & unappreciated. Also remember, if overspend on toys and deal with debt collectors, like Transworld Debt Collections, you can go online to find out how to make your debts a thing of the past!